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“We Stop Burglars”

Babineau Systems wants to draw attention to some of our other websites, because we believe that censorship is occurring and the American People, as well as the people of the world, deserve to know what is happening.

We are promoting these websites to get the message out that our world is experiencing the most troubling times it ever has, and the Prophecies of the major religions are coming true. We also seek help in funding so we can keep these websites operational and also to develop technologies that will advance and save our planet and people.

First we seek to develop fuelless generators that can provide electrical power 24/7/365 unlike the solar and wind technologies being pushed. We have a design different than others but we do not display it. Instead we show you what others have already done, so you know the theory is sound. We have also seen no donations or inquiries, and we thought the people of the world would want this technology pursued. We also have theoretical technologies that we will pursue after this that may provide the greatest leap in technological development, and even allow the creation of real interstellar star travel spaceships.

These technologies can change the world, but for some unexplained reason, the world is not pursuing them, but it is pursuing inefficient technologies that can never reach the goal they say it will.

Please help us pursue a better future for humanity.

Solar Camera Systems

Babineau Systems is proud to announce that our solar camera systems are now available. We also have 5 year finance options available. Please contact our sales department at , call 781-330-4534, visit or use our contact form.

Solar Camera 11b
Solar Camera 11b

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"We Stop Burglars"
“We Stop Burglars”

    Babineau Systems is a full service alarm company offering quality services at affordable prices. Please check out our website for all your low voltage needs. Today our systems do a lot more than just alarms.

Babineau Systems is proud to say that our OnLine Store is now operational with a payment gateway. Please visit us and see the wonderful products available now, and continue to visit as we add more in the coming months. 

   Cameras, home automation, temperature and flood sensors, panics, medical alerts, as well as the traditional burglary and fire features, can all be combined to offer you the best protection. Add gsm cellular services to provide you with customized features that allow you to view and control your devices remotely as well as get text/email messages that you specify, while also providing another channel of communications so alarms are received even when power/phone/internet are down. 

    We offer monitoring plans as low as $15/month for basic. Check out our monitoring section for plans and descriptions. 

    We offer service rates lower than our competition. Check out our service section.

    We offer free support via phone or email. This saves our customers costly afterhours service calls as well as not having to wait for service personnel to arrive.

    We do not bind you into multiyear contracts with autorenew clauses, or provide leased equipment. These are gimmicks that our competition uses so they can say such things as free alarm system, but instead they lock you into a contract where you do not own your equipment and can not have someone else service it. You are forced to stay with them, paying them their monitoring rates, their service rates, and not even owning the equipment. We want you to know what they are doing and what to look for in their contracts, even if you do not use Babineau Systems. We feel that honesty and integrity, with good service should be the basis of our relationship with our customers.

We regret that we must require you to subscribe to comment or post on our websites, and that we must review it before it is seen.  This is necessary due to spammers trying to post handbags, health articles, and other junk. We shall remain vigilant in our pursuit to provide only relevent material on our sites. If you wish us to post something, you may submit it to us via our contact form and we will review. Thank you for your understanding.