Babineau Systems

“We Stop Burglars”

Babineau Systems is out of business. We are another Covid victim.

We are promoting these websites to get the message out that our world is experiencing the most troubling times it ever has, and the Prophecies of the major religions are coming true. We also seek help in funding so we can keep these websites operational and also to develop technologies that will advance and save our planet and people.

First we seek to develop fuelless generators that can provide electrical power 24/7/365 unlike the solar and wind technologies being pushed. We have a design different than others but we do not display it. Instead we show you what others have already done, so you know the theory is sound. We have also seen no donations or inquiries, and we thought the people of the world would want this technology pursued. We also have theoretical technologies that we will pursue after this that may provide the greatest leap in technological development, and even allow the creation of real interstellar star travel spaceships.

These technologies can change the world, but for some unexplained reason, the world is not pursuing them, but it is pursuing inefficient technologies that can never reach the goal they say it will.

Please help us pursue a better future for humanity.